Editorial Policy

What is TheCampusCitizen.com

TheCampusCitizen.com is IUPUI’s only student-run independent media outlet. Our focus is student life on campus and off. We are a website that focuses on the development of student journalist by being a host not just for news, but also for digital content of all types. We are an organization focused on the continued growth and advancement of student journalism at IUPUI. We provide content that informs and entertains.


What does it mean to be “independent” and why does it matter?

Being independent means that we fund ourselves. By creating our own revenue streams, we ensure that no individual or group can ever have influence over our work. We will never adjust editorial content in response to concerns about continued funding or business with an individual or organization.


We will take the site offline before we will change something to soothe a financial relationship. It may seem like a tough decision, but it is not. WE DO NOT CHANGE EDITORIAL CONTENT TO APPEASE ANYONE. WE CHANGE EDITORIAL CONTENT ONLY WHEN THE CONTENT IS INACCURATE AND WE ACKNOWLEDGE THOSE CHANGES WHEN WE MAKE THEM.

Our address is

Department of Journalism and Public Relations

The Campus Citizen
Cavanaugh Hall 341A
425 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202​